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Odyssey is a journey bringing original artistic music and clothing together creating a statement about you. 

Odyssey Recordings is a drum & bass label based in the West Midlands. Owner Sid Odyssey Nar. 

We’re DJs/producers who have been following drum & bass and electronic music genres through our time. 

Since following the scene from the early 90’s i.e. Quest/Fibre Optic/Pandemonium following through the progression in to World dance, Dreamscapes, Progression Sessions (Good Looking Records). I started mixing at the age of 19 buying records from the historic local music store Ruby Red Records. My style originates from jungle through to atmospheric, jazzy and chilled out drum & bass. I am currently producing music for my label and organizing Odyssey events. 

We have formed a collective of DJ’s, producers, vocalists and musicians from the midlands who have been shaped through the mutual love of music. The label will be showcasing all forms of electronic music i.e. Drum & Bass, Breaks etc. We have come from a background of music ranging from classical orchestral, jazz, soul, jungle, drum & bass, Asian, house and hip hop. Amongst us we have a vast amount of experience as DJs, performers and music lovers. 

We came up with the concept Odyssey Of The Mind in the early 90’s jungle/drum & bass era and since then the musical journey has been an interesting one leading to work with so many music lovers and finding a team of artists to showcase this journey through music, hence the name Odyssey. It’s more than just Dance music to me, it was what I was feeling and I knew this is exactly what I wanted to do. 

We have a tight little family, everyone has their attributes and we’re all working together. Nobody controls the music of any other artist than themselves and we keep it relaxed. 

The other members of Odyssey recordings are Slamdunk: (Chris Dunkley) is a talented DJ/Producer and very skilled Tidal: Producer and label owner (Advectionmusic) Kesa: (Kasa Singh) Producer/Musician who released a track called Elements on Ray Keith’s label Emotive Records. in his craft with a keen eye to making music in the future. Rhythm Tek: (Richard Smart) Drum and Bass Producer and Owner of Liquidsoundzuk. 

Odyssey recording was established in 2012. In the last year working with different artists and on a local radio station the passion and love for music that I found in some of the local DJs intrigued me. The drum & bass scene had become a little stagnate and flat, leaving behind its musical taste and started to be seen as a little closed minded at times. This really inspired me to get things rolling because the emergence of local DJs who had more adventurous minds musically became more exciting and started to turn heads. This inspiration has led to the formation of the label and where we are today. There is a buzz for great music and the passion we have is the driving force behind it.

In recent times we have seen the falsity of many of the social, moral, economic and political structures we have been programmed to believe for centuries, this has left a nation dazed, confused and uneasy. In the light of such confusion, it is not surprising that the NU:GENeration is looking for a different way of life, something out of the norm to give sense to all the mayhem in the news and their lives. 

There is always cycles within drum & bass, there is noise, dark stuff, the atmospheric, jazz thing… One thing about this music is that you can fuse so many other styles into it. This is what we are about. Variety is the spice of life.

However you look at it, currently a lot of new artists in the drum & bass scene are confined in their musical limits and are missing out on a vast amount of great music while our DJ’s have more adventurous minds and tend to be whole lot more interesting. Odyssey Recordings choose to avoid the trappings to many expressions of electronic music and demonstrating the nifty art of doing your own thing. With warm emotive electronics, easy, muscular rhythms and strange, understated soundscapes. We want to represent something that you can listen to in every different situation.

Scanning through the existing community of artist and DJs from the drum & bass scene Odyssey recordings have already begun to develop a refined network hoping to strengthen the underground music scene as a whole. Nurturing local talent and providing them access to the main stage, we aren’t afraid to get involved at the foot of the industry, supporting local artists pushing out their sounds and mixes on online media and alongside industry giants.

We are looking for artists who might be on a totally different flavor from one week to the next, and to provide the new generation of DJs and producers a chance to break in to the ever difficult music scene with their eccentric sounds. I have such a wide variety of music tastes and I am open to all kinds of thought out styles whether it is techno, break-beat or whatever.  

We want to introduce artists from around the globe as well as the UK giving them the chance to showcase their production and musical ability. 

Odyssey recordings expect to give a great platform to give a global perspective of the scene. We intend to give an educated insight into the urban dance scene in the UK and beyond. 

Yes we are always looking for new talent to keep pushing the vibe. Artists can send demos to odysseyrecordings@hotmail.co.uk.

We intend to set up an imprint called Odyssey Recordings specializing in more electronically-inclined ambience of sound. 

It seems like bad elements in the dance music industry have taught us to pigeon hole for too long and maybe if there were not categories, all the clashing opinions I have encountered between other people over the years would have been more easily understood. It may take a while, but at the end of the day those who simply love what we can do only benefit from less conflict and more good music. This way different parts of the dance scene will be able to work much more closely to further its goals, rather than rejecting new and innovative music just because it doesn’t fit into its pre-stamped package. So look out for odyssey, we are going to continue to provide more good music, whilst at the same time capturing a vibe that everybody is crying out for, and to be able to push and support local talent. Basically we want to give the clubs and music lovers a taste of what is to come in the future. 

Our type of music is part of the future. There are a lot of different styles being showcased at the event from atmospheric to deep, funky sounds.

We have a monthly EP Release from the artists currently signed to the label and a Collective series which is also a monthly release which entails four tracks from each individual artist showcasing our unity.

Moving forward we wish to collaborate with new up and coming artists and promoters. We will also be launching a new website very soon. This will act as a central platform for the public to have full access to Odyssey Recordings work. 

Odyssey Of The Mind…

Chance Favors The Prepared Mind…

Let your mind conceive and you will achieve…