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Press Release: / My Heaven
Digital Release Date: / Out Now
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 Artist: Greekboy/

Andreas aka Greekboy - DJ/producer
We are very honoured to announce the debut LP By the one and only Greekboy.
His ambition was to create and play music in order to give the audience a way to listen to the music that he always loved and inspired... From a young age he was experimenting playing music at home, parties, for friends and in clubs & bars.

His musical influences vary from Hip Hop, Funky, Jazz, Disco, House, and Rock. In the late 90's everything changed when he randomly listened to a radio broadcast. So his journey began through the sounds of Breakbeat/Jungle/Happy Hardcore/Oldskool and Drum and Bass.

His favourite DJ's and producer's : LTJ Bukem/Intense/Big Bud/Tayla/Pariah/Future Engineers/Blu mar ten/Seba/Furney/Arp1/Paul SG/Blade/Tidal/Bass Flo/The House Crew/SL2/NRG/DJ Seduction/Ray Keith/Bizzy B - To name a few...

Looking deeper and deeper inside Greekboys mind and the results are impressive to say the least.

Greekboy’s New LP – MY HEAVEN – Atmospheric intelligent production that gets into the mind... Lovely breezy chords, shifting melody’s, heart dropping bass-lines, serious keyboard licks/stabs, all well placed breaks and edits, innovatively worked and vibrant tracks. Inventive stuff by this musical genius. .

While staying faithful to the original movement of sound he has enough touches to justify its purchase. An absolute must for the intelligent drum and bass heads.

All tracks Written and Produced by Greekboy. – Exclusive to only / Limited CDs.
Distinctive music for distinctive minds...The quality & emotion makes this music the most meaningful dance music of the moment... Odyssey Recordings CATNO_OR_039

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